The Final Solution for Patriots and Christians">

FEMA's 911 Concentration Camps

Hidden Prison Camps in North Korea on the Rise
A recent report found that an estimated 250,000 to 500,000 Christians are currently imprisoned for their faith in hidden North Korean concentration camps..

The number of people locked up in concentration camps inside North Korea may be as high as 1 million, reported Open Doors USA, an international ministry that supports persecuted Christians in 45 countries. “Many camps are so large that they are not recognized as camps on satellite photos,” said an Open Doors official familiar with the situation in North Korea, but for security reasons could not be identified. “They consist of entire villages,” he said. Based on contact with numerous underground networks, he estimated North Korea has between 250,000 and 500,000 underground Christians and that at least a quarter of them are imprisoned for their faith. Meanwhile, in its latest report, the U.S. State Department said North Korea’s “human rights record remained poor … [with] numerous serious abuses.”

More About Concentration Camps in America....

Christians need to wake up!!! America is heading into a cashless society, Bush is pushing for a NWO, the Pope is pushing for a one world religion and a national Sunday Law, mean while all of Christendom thinks they’re going to be Ruptured out of here before it all starts! Well it’s not going to happen that way; nowhere in your bibles does this theory hold water!!!

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Collapse of U. S. Economy Imminent

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{Dated over 2 years ago}. January 22, 2006 - 12:53
In its attempt to establish a world empire dominating every nation on the planet, the U. S. has exhausted its ability to finance the expansion and the country now faces imminent financial collapse. From all indications, it looks like 2006 will spell the end for America.

Consider these five important points:
Point #1 The U. S., Great Britain and Israel are preparing to attack Iran. As it appears the main reason for invading Iraq was to stop it from selling oil in Euros, likewise Iran has plans to dump the dollar come March 2006.

Point #2 U. S. Treasury Secretary John Snow issued a warning recently that the U. S. Government is on the verge of collapse - as the statutory debt limit imposed by Congress of $8.184 trillion dollars would be reached in mid-February - the government would then be unable to continue its normal operations. Considering the current total U. S. debt stands at $8.162 trillion dollars, once the official debt ceiling ($8.184 trillion) is reached, the U. S. government's credit abroad (its borrowing power) is gone. Those countries (mainly China) who presently keep America afloat by holding U. S. Treasury Notes, will most likely no longer continue doing so.

Point #3 Bank Of America and Compass Bank managers (probably all other U. S. banks too) have been instructing their employees in the last few weeks on how to respond to customer demands in the event of a collapse of the U. S. economy - specifically telling the employees that only agents from the Department Of Homeland Security will have authority to decide what belongings customers may have from their safe deposit boxes - and that precious metals and other valuables will not be released to U. S. citizens. The bank employees have been strictly prohibited from revealing the banks' new "guidelines" to anyone. (however, employees have been talking to friends and family) The next time you visit your bank, ask them about it - then ask yourself, why is this information being kept secret from customers and the public - what's really going on?

{{{Point #4 FEMA has activated and is currently staffing its vast network of empty internment camps with armed military personnel - unknown to most Americans, these large federal facilities are strategically positioned across the U. S. landscape to "manage" the population in the event of a "terrorist" attack, a civilian uprising, large-scale dissent, or an insurrection against the government. Some of these razor-wired facilities have the capacity of detaining a million people.

Point #5 The Patriot Act and the US Senate's vote to ban habeas corpus (Nov 14th) - along with George W. Bush having signed executive orders giving him sole authority to impose martial law, suspend habeas corpus and ignore the Posse Comitatus Act, have together pretty much destroyed any notions of freedom and justice for Americans. Summary: The U. S. economy is broken, the United States is bankrupt (again/still) - the unchecked spending by this administration, the illegally waged wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, the cost of unprecedented weapons and military build-up - have all contributed to an irreversible emergency which is threatening our nation's existence and our very lives.
Hospitals are closing, major corporations are declaring bankruptcy and/or moving their companies overseas, the monopolized news media spews nothing but lies, and our fearless leaders have turned out to be only ruthless criminals hell-bent on destabilizing our country and robbing us all.
Be aware - we stand at the threshold of total ruin - th


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