The truth does come from Satan. Demons will tell you the truth. That is when it is in there interest. Aunt Ruth, who was practicing which craft & had talked to demons. She'd talk through them through a table. And all questions were answered by a yes and a no. When the table jumped once that was a yes and when it jumped twice that was  no. It told the truth to gain the trust of her. She, at the time had joined a witch cult, but now she is saved, but still her sins haunt her, They still attack her every year with possession; they control her. She now regularly goes to church. This was during the time my father was living with her and I was not born. The point here is that the truth comes from God and Satan. Sometimes it is mixed with a lie. The first most certainly will be fact to gain trust, but eventually there will be lies mixed in to it to confuse you. Even my dad had got involved but had quit before it was to late. He had been going to church. Praise God for God is the almighty! If my Father had not been going to church, I too may have been in witch craft. My question is, who here believes in ghost, because I do not.

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I don't believe that ghosts are disembodied spirits of people.  Some are demonic, whereas many are residual hauntings---a sort of memory embeded in space and time.  The Bible for the most part teaches that people are in a sleep like state until resurrection.  When Jesus went to raise Lazarus it was indicated that Lazarus was sleeping.  Jesus had to finally tell his followers that Lazarus was dead. Lazarus was in the tomb and not playing a harp on a soft cloud.  In 1 Corinthians 15 Paul plainly says without resurrection the dead in Christ (those who fell asleep..15:8.) are perished.  People don't have immortal spirits or souls but get eternal life through Christ (John 3:16).  Only God has immortality ..1 Timothy 6:16..  The Bible teaches a dynamic unity and not a platonic dualism!!!!  God created Adam a living soul.  You are a soul.  Sadly most of the church has succumbed to faulty views of scriptures.  This all might raise a few questions... for example, what about the thief on the cross?  Did not Jesus say that this day you will be with me in paradise? (Luke 23).  It has to be pointed out that even Jesus did not go to paradise that very day.  He was speaking in the common language with its phrases.  We do the same in our English when we speak of "our fathers day.."  Jesus simply meant that soon you will be with me....   Paul also indicated that he would prefer to be absent from the body and with the Lord...  He was talking about visions.  I should indicate that our minds are not strictly chemical but associated with energy too but this is not an immortal soul or spirit anymore than the light from a star is immortal.  I hope I am not rubbing some the wrong way.   Regardless of how one may view the issue we should not dabble in spiritism.
I believe in the familiar spirit that will imitate  the deceased. There are no spirits that stay behind. Just old demons.
Neither do I...
No ghosts...only thing say your aunt is saved, meaning her body is the temple of the Holy Spirit....then you say that demons still attack her with possesion....I do not believe that one who is truely saved can be possesed by a demon, as the Holy Spirit will not tolerate it where He resides ....the demon may attack, a saved person, but not posses them....messing with that witchcraft stuff can be to leave that stuff alone....
I don't know that she is possessed as much as the demons put images in front of her and such. It happens once every year during the same time of the year. When she is deceived that everyone around her is of Satan. I can't say for sure she is possessed, but they have a great amount of control over her or at the least an influence on her. But I think if she were not saved they would have controlled her completely all the time. Even God in the Old testament allowed Satan do on to Job as Satan wanted except taking his life. If she wasn't saved she would be dangerous and or a witch. That was what she was becoming before she got saved, than she gave it up.
Like I said ...a demon may be able to attack a christian, but since the Holy Spirit indwells them, they cannot posses them....Job was attacked by Satan, but not possesed by him....
Yeah I'd say you are right. She can't be possessed, besides she were she probably would have hurt someone by now.


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