Healing Prayers for Sister Cathy of the First Church of the Gospel Ministry--

A sad situation has developed for a member of the First Church of the Gospel Ministry.  Sister Cathy Kendrick has developed a serious ailment called Neuromyelitis Optica, which is a condition where a persons own immune system attacks their spinal cord and optic nerves.  Sister Calthy is presently back at the Cleveland clinic (Mellen Center) for additional treatments. She needs prayers for healing.  I am asking all readers to pray for this lady. Also pray for her husband Dr. Davy Ray Kendrick.  He is the Bishop of the church and is under much pressure.

Please pray for the both of them and wish them well.

Thank You,

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Prayers are going up....I'm going to write their names down, and place them in my Bible, to help me in remembering continued Prayer....Please keep us posted on how they are doing.....
Thank You Eloise.  What a great friend you are...

"They that sow in tears shall reap in joy..".-Psalm 126....  It is important to remember that even sickness and problems fall under the lord's sovereign nature and will ultimately be for the best.  Disease and sickness are not always due to sin!!!~~~~~~~.


Amen!!  You stated here, what I've always believed....God Bless!

Sister Cathy K. sent me a little book of Bible Promises several years ago.  I still have it!  Although I sometimes miss a month in reporting my activities I have never scorned my main ordination body.  I like to send money for missions and such but it is not easy when you don't have much money.  I hope and pray for the health and well being of Sister Cathy...

Dear Father in Heaven! remember Your servants sister Rev. Cathy and  Bishop Dr. Davy Ray Kendrick. We know that we have to walk through the troubles, temptations and physical weaknesses. We pray for our dear Cathy who is there in Thy service and fallen sick. Touch her with your wounded hand on the Cross.  Sprinkle the blood You shed on the Cross upon her wherever the sickness is there in her body and heal her.  Yes. Master nothing is impossible to you.  With the faith we pray to You Father. Touch and heal her. We also pray for Bishop Davy, who is in a worry about the health of Cathy.  Extend courage to Your Child to be bold and stabilized. Use him in Your Ministry mightily.    Yes Master! Nothing is impossible to You. We believe that You are touching her. We also know that You will heal her. We ask this in the Precious name of our LORD Jesus Christ. Amen.

Dear Steve, nothing to worry. We are conducting special prayers for Cathy. I stubbornly believe that our LORD will listen to our prayers and send His answer. God Bless You.

Thank You.  I have not heard much in the last few days but whatever comes will be under the lord's sovereign nature.  I will probably hear something soon.  Perhaps they will see these postings and say something.  In the mean time I will continue to pray and pray for others too.  Sister Eloise, here also, suffers from a condition.


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