My name is Mara, I am new to this site. I have been in church since i was born, but that doesn't mean jack nothing. I was pushed away from the churches by "religious" people. HA. Religion is a joke. It is a cult. They judge, no matter what they say. They discriminate. My mom was kicked out of a church because god actually starting showing her signs. They said she was crazy. That's what religion is. And Christianity? OM-GOSH... How can you possibly call yourselves Christians, and categorize yourselves with all those people who use the term so loosely. They defy every commandment, and your happy to call yourselves one of them. The bible says to watch out for the "wicked", NOT JOIN THEM!!!!!  Being a Christian USED to mean something, but that changed with time, and the world. We are the righteous, NOT the wicked. We are Christ followers. Followers of the one true god. We do not judge, or condemn, we love unconditionally, just as our Father does. Why are we scared to be associated with the wicked?
Was Jesus not surrounded by the wicked. He LOVED THEM!!!!!! UNCONDITIONALLY!!! HE GAVE THEM A CHANCE!!!! HE DID NOT CONDEMN!!!!!!! HE LOVED!!!!!! Even while they sinned. He was absolutely amazing. The end is so near..... Like right around the corner.... Are you REALLY going to be judged with "Christians".  Just like the Catholics, they are corrupt. Almost no church is even safe.
If you would like to know why then go to It will explain things in a simple way. you will understand. We have ONE chance and ONE chance only when Jesus comes. The wicked will leave the earth and the followers of Christ will inhabit it and rejoice with Christ. I CANT WAIT!!!!!
please feel free to sent me a message if you appose, which some of you might.... but that proves your a "Christian"..... :Di love a good debate.

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Actually the site has many good points  If one reads the parable of the Wheat and Tares carefully we can see two things.  The good and bad live together until the harvest AND the bad (tares) are removed (Matt. 13).This is the same view I have held for a long time.  It is both simple and economical.  The harvest is at the second coming....

Hi Mara,

I like how upfront, honest, and passionate you are!  I invite you to my blog to see what I posted about being yourself as a Christian. Like you, by the grace of God I am what I am



If you are truly tired of the misinterpretations of the scriptures by people who want to manipulate you, and cause you to sin then read this book and get a clearer perspective on the Almighty God. I find that when I humble myself and not shun new knowledge it brings me closer to the Almighty. May the message contained in this book be a blessing to your soul.

This is a commentary about Jesus' true identity. Comments from a few readers have been included to further show the confusion that surrounds Jesus Christ, and the venom they spew when their beliefs are challenged. Is Jesus the Almighty God or the Son of God or both? Read Okela's shocking revelation about Jesus Christ.

At this point: "Why are we scared to be associated with the wicked?" I´m not scared, but each time I try to build a good relationship "there" it ends up in sins, hurts, hates, dislikes... Sometimes I see, myself, like samson living within philistines... It won´t work, for me, being associated with them and I, myself, stay away from religious people and away from some who pictured themselves same way "FaKebook" shows things that tend to paganize christian ideas or "safe" standards.


I don´t cared being exclude, dismissed or disliked and beside this, and 51 years. Will I depend on other´s acceptance?


Being approved as "christian" doesn´t depend on humans but me and God. No matter what I think of but His will.

 i know how u feel.  sometimes i feel like Lott in sodom and gemorrah.  we will have a thousand years to felllowshp with fellow saved.   but only a quickly shortening time to save the sinful.

Companionship or fellowship sounds great, sometimes, but here are the lessons to learn, no matter the flag or the name of the team we pretend to be part of (it´s natural and  it will be willing segregation, like being part of Alpha, Tao & Omega... ) Je! Je! But I´m sure such role of "Rescue Party" it´s not done for us "Christians", neither denominations or sectarian names, but utterly God and His Spitit.

NO matter the names, but I keep on talking about HIm and His deeds on my life. NO matter if being paid attention, heard or believed. I do care what He believes and thinks of me.


I don't believe Mara comes here anymore,,, She wrote this a long time ago, I answered to this over a year ago but she doesn't respond.

I however, learn something new every day " You can't swing a dead cat without hitting one!"  ,,,, Next time I find a dead cat ,,,, LOL.

Nice comment though!

Brachot Achoti


I can certainly relate to what you are saying & I believe you're right.  I reluctantly call myself a "Christian" for lack of a better word, but I have nothing in common with the vast majority who use that label but don't truly know Christ, nor live by His principles...the main one being LOVE.  I am angry that so many people have slandered the name of Jesus & God by pretending to be  His "representative" while following the world's ways & not His.  I think that the lost in the world are more put off by so called Christians than by any atheist.  People are so misguided these days!  According to the Bible, Christ walked in love, compassion, and kindness to all of those in need. That's something modern Christians lack.  Just my opinion


It is pretty clear Mara walks in the spirit and is a member of the true Body of Christ.  If her walk is strong she will have had many roller coaster events since she last posted here and I am sure she will stop back if the spirit moves her to do so.

I pray her walk has been mighty! 

Well here are two more that have declined.

Reply by alan walton 47 minutes ago have been proven wrong so many times it ain't funny....the sad thing is is you are just too blind, stubborn ignorant or STUPID to see it.
Reply by Abba Akavich Avimelech 3 hours ago

    I thought you were the commander Royll !!!!
This one I am not to sure of yet, but he is included also.

 Reply by John Zomok 3 hours ago

    Ok joe!

The refussers so far:

Alan Walton
Akavich Avimelech
John Zomok

That is four. I am still waiting on several men and women to reply that belong to their private group.

So far we are beginning to find out who the deceivers and liars have been all the time.

You see what they don't realize is that they are standing up for fourth century Christians, which is the Church and all the members.

Would that say by their none acceptance that everything  that people have learned from the Churches has ben nothing but a lie over all these centuries.

Does it mean that nobody that attends the Churches are saved as they have been told.

Does that mean the none in the Churches Have the Holy Spirit as they say.

Does that say that everybody that belongs to the Churches are not going to heaven when Jesus

Does that men that all the numerous site that these people belong to means that they are actually lieing to the members on the sites and leading them in the wrong direction to receive the promise of eternal salvation.

You people have a lot on the line here both the males and females that have been constanly deceiving everybody.

Religion has messed a lot of peoples faith up.  It sounds like you were able to cut through all the malarkey and found the love of God. There are so many religious people out there that are missing out on the true nature of God. Check out this teaching changed the way I believed. 

Blessings to you.

Eric Johnson

For too long we have preached a religious gospel versus a relationship gospel, and the two are completely contradictory. When we try to correct people before relationship is built with ourselves and between them and God, this will always result in anger.Rules without Relationship equals rebellion.Religious people are the greatest enemy of the cross not the devil. by their narrow mindedness, intolerance, they aren't willing to accept people that are different from them. For them it's only,'my way or no way'. territorial spirits are not demons stopping revival but religious Christians. The goal of religion is for man to receive a right relationship with God and man.   

あまりにも長い間我々 は関係福音対宗教福音を宣べ伝えているし、2 つが完全に矛盾しています。我々 は自分自身と神との間に関係を構築する前に正しい人々 しよう、これは常に怒りになります。ルール関係なしリベリオンに等しくなります。宗教的な人々 は十字架の最大の敵悪魔ではないです。自分の偏狭さ、不寛容、によって、彼らは彼らからさまざまな人を受け入れるように喜んではありません。彼らにとってそれはのみ、'my 方法または方法がない' です。領土の霊は悪魔の復活、宗教クリスチャンを停止ではありません。宗教の目的は、神と人間の正しい関係を受け取る人のためです。


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