Greetings! I am looking for Prophetic Ministries that would like to be listed on my website. It's a great place to Network, to share about your Ministry, to share a Word of Encouragement, as well as add a link and small blog about who you are and what you are doing for the Lord! If you are interested, please visit my website and drop me a line!Thanks!

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Touch of Fire Ministries is good. Bob Hazlit runs it and is really good prophetically speaking....he never met me before and called out my occupation at the time and gave quite the they are one I would recomend
Hey Rev. Prophetic Ministries are dangerous and a sham... There are self appointed individuals parading around as prophets and ess who have NO BUSY in God's plan.

I have first hand experience of false and phony prophets and ess who prositute the word of God for their own promotion and gain.

I DO NOT understand ehy you would be looking for prophetic ministries - if they were so prohetic they WOULD FIND YOU. IMOA
Why* .... Prophet*
Prophetic ministries are alive and well and we are all called to use our gifts, prophecy is one of them that many people have but few are experienced enough to understand it. I got a prophesy that was dead on 2 years ago. The guy had never met me and he told me my business as well as what I was going through at the time and he told me that my landscaping business was changing into something unrelated to landscaping and he predicted a new truck and new equipment and now my landscaping company is a mold business so he was right. There is one part left that is about to be fulfilled in a short time. Just because you fell for a bad prophet doesn't mean they are all that way. Don't put limitations on God or you will be the only one who suffers for it. Prophesy is alive and well and will be until the coming of the Lord...
Thank you for your replies on the Prophetic Ministry of JESUS! I would like to take this time to respond, and listening closely to what the Lord is saying, I can say this:

We live in a very perverted world where the hurt and lost are all around us (and I DO mean ALL around us, EVERYWHERE we look, if we would only open our eyes and hearts to really SEE them, and SEE how much they are suffering!).

This is nothing new, as there were many lost and hurting back in the day when Jesus walked the earth. One thing to keep in mind - JESUS IS STILL AMONG US, and lives INSIDE OF US!

I cannot tell you the HUNDREDS upon HUNDREDS of times that JESUS placed someone in my path that needed Him. Being sensitive to not only the hurting, but the leading of the Holy Spirit is so essential in our walk with Christ!

Many, many times the Lord would place these people in my path, and He would have me start talking with them, using Word of Knowledge about a hurtful situation in their lives where they felt hopelessness or despair, and then He would have me speak Prophetically into their lives, repeating HIS WORDS that I'm hearing Him say, not my words, because He wants that person to know that He loves them, that He has ALWAYS been there through the good and the bad.

He then likes to heal that person from what is afflicting them. You have to remember that our Lord is VERY GOOD at pulling out the splinters of even our deepest wounds, and letting the Holy Ghost go in like a flood to close up that wound.

He likes to have the hurting come to Him for renewal and strength, to cast their burdens upon Him. He LIKES TO TAKE CARE OF US, like any good Father would!

How do I know this? Because He, Himself, told me so, and because He promises so in His Word (which we know was not only written by Him, but we know it to be THE TRUTH!)

Sure, I could try to comfort someone with my own words, but why would I want to when His Words are so much better than mine, and when the Lost and Hurting need JESUS, not me?

One final word.....PROPHECY is one of the NINE GIFTS of the HOLY SPIRIT (1 Corinthians 12:7-11).

To deny PROPHECY would only suggest that one does not believe in the ABILITY or the POWER of the Holy Ghost. Our God has not CHANGED! HE STILL USES PROPHECY today just like He did back then!

And if we are TRUE FOLLOWERS of Christ, we believe ALL of His Word...we don't PICK and CHOOSE what we want to believe. We CANNOT have one foot in, and one foot out! We have to be ALL IN, or we're really not IN AT ALL!

To deny PROPHECY would be to deny the POWER thereof.....Hmmmm! The Lord speaks about this in 2 Timothy 3:5.

One more word of caution for those that do not believe in PROPHECY:

When a true Prophet or a Prophetess speaks out a Word from the Lord over someone's life, IT IS NOT THEM DOING THE SPEAKING, it is the HOLY GHOST.

When one speaks out against a Prophet or Prophetess, they are SPEAKING OUT AGAINST A DIRECT SUPERNATURAL MANIFESTATION OF THE HOLY GHOST!

I would warn against doing so, as God's Word also WARNS us:

"Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: BUT BLASPHEMY AGAINST THE HOLY GHOST shall not be forgiven unto men.
Matthew 12:31 KJV (emphasis added)

Yes, IT IS the unpardonable sin...

Be BLESSED! (because you are!)
Rev. Mary

"Reaching out to a hurting world by teaching the TRUTH of FREEDOM in JESUS CHRIST!"
I believe there are True Prophets in today's world! I am concerned with people being MISLEAD. This happens too often as people tend to follow the herd mentality.

I do believe if GOD used a MULE than anything is possible...

It is difficult to discern a true prophet from a false one because it doesn't take much to pull the wool over peoples' eyes... and use the WORD to HIDE...

If one dares say or QUESTION a "PROPHET" than its blashemy... What is true blashemy??? (You will see the verse ... 2 Timothy 3:5 used to silence the body of the CHURCH to question a prophet)

WHAT WAS THE ROLE OF THE PROPHET AS WE SEE IN THE WORD? Is it Macro or micro - both? Basically, they were called as spirit led "speakers" to warn or lead a people (the Church)...

What are today's prophets saying? Is it about obtaining wealth, selling books or travel packages...I just don't see how many of today's prophets foot the Biblical bill... Though Prophet and PROFIT does sound pretty similiar - LOL

Thanks for the words "BE Blessed (because you are)" - Great reminder

Its Good to refer to JER 23: 21-22 (That there are false prophets)
Oh, sorry forgot these

Mat 24:11 And there will BE MANY FALSE PROPHETS... MANY

Micah 3:11 ...Motivation for false prophets is not always to lead people away from God but the dollars to their accounts

Can you believe this??? Marjoe Gortner
Ya but you tend to focus on the negative, but if you align your life with the Word you will spot a false prophet from a mile away, there is plenty of Scripture backing up prophesy and really there should be more of it practised...There is more than one type of prophesy too. There is fortelling future events and then there is exposing past events. Both have their purposes but prophecy is to strengthen us, to enlarge our vision and to develop our faith. Why would you want to attack such a gift? Just because you obviously ran into a fake doesn't mean they are all bad. You need to focus more on the positive and less on the negative, every forum post you have made that I have seen so far is complaining or bickering against the church. Your job is to build the church, not tear it down, so why all the negative stuff? You should be prophesying good things over your life every day. Thank God for His favor in your life even if you don't see it, thank Him for opening doors for your ministry even if none have opened yet, you do this by stepping out in faith and making these declarations and God will honor them and bring them to pass.
Well spoken, Brother! I am boggled at the way that some people place all of their time and energy into attacking the Church. If they would only apply that much effort into seeking His face for their own lives, imagine how much more happier and content that they would be!

Sad that they would attack people that the Lord has called to a specific Ministry (Prophetic). I agree that there are, indeed, false Prophets out there. And they will also have to give account of that on the final day. I use the leading of the Holy Ghost on which ones to avoid, and of course avoid the obvious ones that are false.

I'm not their judge, JESUS is. Wisdom would be to avoid what you know to be false, and follow that which you know to be true. Will I ever stop Prophetic Ministry and giving the Church body a Word from the Lord or encouragement just because someone decided that they wanted to attack me through their own unbelief of the Ministry that I am a part of, the Ministry that is HEADED BY JESUS?

Not in a MILLION years!

Not only am I in the Prophetic Ministry, but also in the Healing and Deliverance Ministry. Sad to say, you get used to attacks from the enemy against your Ministry. I just keep in mind that when they attack me, it's not MY Ministry that they are attacking, it's HIS. I don't own it, HE does. It's not MY life that they are attacking, it is HIS. I don't belong to me, I belong to HIM. I don't own a thing, not even my life! Why would someone want to attack something that belongs to the LORD? OUCH!

What a dangerous place to be when you attack that which is God's. It's a NO/WIN situation....

For Art Fontaine: P.S....Get prepared for a fresh wind of increase to come blowing in
now that the seasons have changed, for you are about to become so busy with that which the Lord has entrusted to you! Be sure to take the time to acknowledge that increase as coming from the Lord, and know that His hand is on your business, Ministry (even that which you have not yet realised to be a Ministry) and personal life at home. The business that the Lord has given to you will thrive like never before, as long as you continue to dedicate it to the Lord and work like you are working unto him! I bless you with all of the blessings of Deuteronomy 28! Peace, Brother!

Be Blessed (because you are!)

Rev. Mary
Thank you very much, that actually coincides with this other prophecy I was given a few years back...I definitely accept that and am very thankful for it. I am so amazed by what God has done so far I cannot wait to see what He will do this profile is a lil old, it made mention of breaking a $10k or $20k in a month record but as and update I would like to say He actually doubled it last summer so I am expecting double the increase this year. God is so good!
He is SOOOO good! He took a wretch like me, who used to be a Meth addict, (and was actually in the midst of a suicide attempt when JESUS Supernaturally intervened and saved my life!) and He raised me up to be a voice for Him, a voice that will be heard high on the mountains and low in the valleys as He works on the hearts of many, He raised me up to be an overcomer, He raised me up to Minister to those that He knows has and is going through similar pain and sufferings, to bring THEM to the Saving Knowledge of HIM! I am ETERNALLY HIS, and ETERNALLY GRATEFUL for ALL that He HAS and IS still doing for me and for every lost soul that I've seen come into the Kingdom!

Be Blessed, and know that He will continue to increase in order for the Ministry that He has entrusted to you to able to continue to thrive with the strength and POWER of the Living God!

As I was praying and watching, I could see that it was RAINING FIRE over the east coast. This FIRE OF GOD is going to RAIN down like never before as JESUS takes REIGN over many of the Churches there!

REVIVAL is going to break out in large numbers, a REVIVAL like never before, where the Churches on the east coast are going to see more of a CONTINUOUS FLOW of MIRACLES, SIGNS and WONDERS.

There will be more HEALINGS that will take place in Churches that are willing to DIE TO THEMSELVES and let JESUS REIGN over all and be the GOD that He is!

There will be an increase in the outpouring of His Spirit to the extent that the east coast will see more, THOUSANDS more, that are lost and hurting come to HIM! THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS getting saved because of the change over the region.

That FIRE OF GOD is BURNING HOT, and I encourage you to lift your hands to the LORD in praise, for your hands are two of MANY THOUSANDS of hands that will be used MIGHTILY for His purposes!

I encourage you to take it and run! That is what we are called to do after all!

As for me, I'm so full of FIRE and POWER right now that I need to go find some people to lay hands on and pray for and heal, just to release some of this POWER that's in me and of the HOLY GHOST!

So again, go ahead....GET LIT with the FIRE OF GOD!

Be Blessed (because you are!)

Rev. Mary


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