Practice good prayer hygiene!

All of us are led to practice good hygiene, whether it be dental, oral or bodily it is a necessity for good health and social acceptance.  For example, most of us would not be caught dead going out in public with Spaghetti hanging from our heads or boogers dropping from our nostrils!

These are rather stark examples, but when was the last time you practiced good prayer hygiene?  Sure we have prayed mightily for world peace, the end to famines, the healing of persons who are ill or dying, the salvation of the lost, wise leadership, the end of abortion or euthanasia, or child trafficking and more.  There is no end to the ills that we can now pray for in this fallen world.  But when was the last time you prayed and offered up your own sins to the savior?  Just like poor hygiene in the physical realm can quickly make us sick, poor hygiene in the spiritual realm can be equally or more deadly than neglecting our physical requirements.

Sin is heavy!  Nothing is more of a burden that sin that is clung to and not offered up to our Savior.  It nags our conscious and reminds us that we are unworthy even when we are saved!  Left alone it leads to depression, anger, fear, and a whole host of emotionally born psychological and physical issues.

Remember in Matthew 11:28-30 28 where it is written; Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.   For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

Jesus asks us to hand over the burdens that weigh us down and be free to be more perfect instruments of his will in this world.  Wonder what happened with your mighty walk when the savior worked through you readily to accomplish his will in perfection in the world?  Maybe it’s time to do a little, or maybe a lot, of spiritual cleanup.  The spirit has a hard time working through those that are carrying sinful baggage with them.  It dilutes and distracts the power of the spirit and continues to build up over time.  We are all sinful and unless we cleanse ourselves regularly we will suffer spiritual illness that grows worse over time.  Think of the plaque that so readily forms on our teeth even when we brush and floss regularly.  So it is with sin and the way it can derail our spiritual calling and balanced mental functioning.

With this in mind I wish to offer a quick list of some areas we can quickly review in our own lives to see where we have sinful baggage that we have not offered up to the savior.  We may think we are hiding it from the world, but God knows all our sins and there is no reason not to offer it to him for his forgiveness and healing.  If Catholic, review this list before confession and you will never wonder if there is anything you have to confess to the Savior.

   Do you pray every day?

   Have you missed church?

   Used God’s name in vain?

   Disrespected parents?

   Gotten angry?

   Hurt others with words?

   Made fun of others?

   Help someone have an abortion?

   Have impure thoughts?

   Perform impure actions?

   Have oral sex or intercourse if not married?

   Have you committed adultery?

   Have you looked at pornography?

   Had sex with a member of the same sex?





   Been Jealous?

   Gotten drunk?

   Gotten high?

   Defaced or harmed the temple of the Lord?

   Been judgmental?

   Been proud?

   Consistently cared for the poor?

Now that you hopefully have a few in mind to offer up…we are human and the list is always waiting for us, pray and give it over to the savior.  Be freed from the burdens that weigh down your mind, soul and body and walk anew in the spirit!  Then the father can once again make you the instrument of his plan that he intended for you since the beginning and make your prayer life effective and powerful.

Thank you to Father Larry Richards for the list above.

Be Blessed!


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This is a pretty good essay.  Thank You.

Blessing to you Steve! I'm honored that you tweeted this out. Still needing that time in the desert we talked about.

Amen!  Great Post!!

Thanks Eloise! As always I am blessed by your presence here! Quieter and worn, but still being called.

Gentle Reminder to All who are awakened.  As Spring approaches clean all your houses for His glory.  The internal as well as the external!


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