It is a spiritual action entirely by GOD, fullstop.

Salvation is from Jesus Christ as our Lord,... no priest, no pastor, no church, no amount of water, no beads, NO WORK WE DO from ourselves.. nada nothing. GOD does all the saving, this work is his glory, despite that most churches preach this or that.

Understand carefully that the wicked teaching is from the mouth of satan that we can contribute to our salvation.

Before any of you reading this allow any obstruction to appear in your thoughts.. pray on what I am saying here:

let be a seed that will grow and not be stolen away....................

So what actually happens?.

Jesus became God the creator, but before creation commenced we learn a mystery that Jesus 'died' for the sins of the ones he comes to save, and then he created the heavens and the earth. Understand that Jesus is God and above time, he can see yesterday, today and tomorrow (at once).

When he walked amongst us in the flesh, he remained spiritually being GOD, and came only as a demonstration to mankind (he died on the cross for ONLY the ones he foreordained) and created a turning point in the salvation action to mankind.

The only existence of mankind is about salvation and we better understand it correctly else no one becomes saved, let alone those who trust their church to save them or actually say they know they are saved or 'reborn' (I detest that word)   so what happens? spiritually and to a lesser degree literally...

The unsaved will remain unsaved throughout their short or long life, irrespective of what they do or dont do.

Lets talk about the saved, the 'sons of God' the 'remnant' the 'chosen few' the 'flock'.

At some part in a persons life, it can be a unborn baby (yes correct), God stirrs in your heart to call on him. (not oneself GOD does)

God made ONE condition for salvation, the person must come under the hearing of the word, thats why God intended that the gospel be preached unto all the end of the world. 'faith cometh by hearing, and by the hearing of the word'. You cannot get faith, else God gives it to you, hence my teaching that faith is works (which upsets many, but it is biblical)

Now the action to call out to him is not by some hopping around in a church congegration or similar, it is entirely also perfectly described in the bible like this:

We approach God prayerfully 'come with a broken and contrite heart' and pray for forgiveness of all our sins and plead for mercy; knowing perfectly well that we dont deserve salvation at all and should bear the penalty of our sins which is death.

Now comes a teaching not understood by men or taught elsewhere, but it is from his word (hear this carefully)

IF God now accepts your plea, we have the most important and beautiful spiritual action in all creation that men can try perceive.....such much so that the heavens rejoice at the salvation of every sinner.

The following all happens in an instant... Judgement takes place according to Gods law and you 'die'; thus the 'old man' dies, your soul  perishes, THEN God gives you a NEW SOUL which does not sin, and the holy spirit resides within you. From that instant on you belong to the Lord Jesus Christ, the only living GOD.

breathe and take this in... you have become saved and GODs law is written in your heart forevermore and your past and future sins are paid for. But we still remain in the body of flesh, which lusts after sin. Does any man KNOW he is saved.? NO NO NO forget what churches make you think. No man knows the heart of God.

The only time WE MAY THINK we know that we are actually saved , if there is also a literal/physical change such as: that we try to obey all of Gods laws as the spirit convicts us when we still do commit a sin.

But we remain alive in the physical body that lusts after sin.. however Jesus paid for those sins you may still commit and you become very aware of that and try to be as faithful and righteous as possible.

YOU have become saved, the greatest gift for man.....and from the on only can you have understanding spoken of in the bible...Amen, the faithful witness

I pray you all come to understanding.


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@Karl, this is a very good posting you have made, although I would have worded a few things differently, but considering that you posted it fast, it is good. Your first line is excellent!  You touch on the idea of Monergism, which means that Salvation by God is completely the singular work of God.  We don't work for salvation..(although good deeds result from salvation..).

Thx steve,

I also learnt a new word monergism, and visited the site and still dont understand what that word means.


@ Zomok....since you think this was a good posting, do you agree with Karl that Jesus died for the sins of the world before He even created the world.....which is just nonsense.....also do you agree with Karl that faith is works, which is rediculious....and also do you agree with Karl that no man can know he is saved , which is rediculious as well and unbiblical....personally I see just as much wrong with this posting as right....I do not agree that it is a very good posting....when one gets so many things wrong....sorry...

As I stated, I would have worded it differently in some places.  The plan of God was in place before the world was created.  Of course the work of Yeshua the Logos had to be actualized historically, but it was already decided upon that the Lamb would be slain for us. I think and hope that is what Karl meant. And I don't think Faith is works BUT they do go together, as the Book of James has indicated.  True faith (trust) is going to naturally result in good work. If a person truly believes they will do good things.

If I were Karl I would go back and edit a few lines and then it would be very good. One thing I have noticed is that people here often word thing awkwardly and leave out words. 

Revelation 13:8

Romans 8:29

@ Zomok....but what I am getting at that when you say to Karl, that it is a very good posting, it is like you are agreeing with what he said.....just saying I would have worded a few things differently....then not covering what was in error in his posts??? There are probably some people on this sight that look at your agreeing or not as a guideline as to whether what was posted was correct.....or place some value on what you say....It is a big difference between the plan God had in place and saying that Jesus died for the sins of the world before He created it or made man...I also realise that faith goes together with works....but that is NOT what Karl says....he said faith is works....and if you are familar with Karl you know that he has repeatedly said that you don't even get your faith till after you have been saved first....that is not what the Bible says.....personally....I don't put my so-called stamp of approval on something (for whatever little value it is) without pointing out what I thought was in error first.....but that is just me...I don't mean to be picky, but I could not believe when I first saw this that you told Karl what a good post it was with so many errors...with just that little "I would have worded it differently in a few places"....sorry,just my opinon....

@Alan..Ok.  I was tired.  In my rule to not overspeak (better to say too little than too much) I went too far the other way and understated a few things.


@ Zomok....I guess your rule is a good thing.....I am probably one of those that says too much sometimes....sorry....

@ Alan, at this remark to Steve, I went back and re-read what Karl wrote....How I missed it the first time is beyond me, probably just scanning over it, since I was doing a lot of reading.....And, well, I should have read it more slowly....

Thanks my friend.....

Woah !!! Alan !!!! is that you ? ...... Hey, I know it's only Alan Walton, but I like it!

So anyways, How about this Salvation Stuff? If I cut off my finger and put it in a jar full of formaldehyde, Will I be saved? (I hope so because that’s sort of my plan) …… Save that part anyways! But seriously folks, What is salvation? A rescue from some imminent danger? (That’s a rhetorical question followed by a rhetorical answer in the form of a question) ……. What is the Danger? ??? Becoming Evil? SO, How can one say that one is both saved and evil at the same time? Oh yea, that’s right “JESUS DIED FOR MY SINS” SO, since I am Rescued from evil I am now free to be evil …… I think I will pray about this, Then go rob a bank, I’m sure the police will understand about Jesus and all and probably let me go with a stern warning. I can just see me explaining to the officer how I was forgiven before I even thought about robbing the bank ….Just saying, there might be a few holes in this theory.

@ Spidey.....yeah that is got kinda long over the last 29 years....that was the last time I got my hair cut....1983....I see you have a new picture up as that you?....

Yep, Just took that yesterday

You know something Alan? This idea that Faith is works does have a little merit in an Active Concrete way. Things like Love and Hate are like that as well, Our culture lists things like this as feelings ,, Not Active expressions ,, In Ancient Hebrew Thought to Love something meant that you cared for it, protected it and it would be extreamly important to a Hebrew Man or He didn't really Love it, same with Hate, you destroy or throw away, or abandon See what I mean, an action and I think the Greek is kind of the same 2000 years ago SO if you have Faith by that standard you already do the actions or works, without them Faith is just a feeling. That parable in Matthew 25 about the Talents is about Faith.


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