There is a deceptive program out there to denigrate the Founders of the American Republic and the framers of the great United States Constitution.  These revisionist want to cut off America from its Christian roots and they like to indoctrinate children in the public schools.  They also have permeated colleges with their virus of falsehoods.  Like flies in a garbage dump they are relentless and look for someplace to plant their seeds.  These are part of the enemy within that the great Roman orator Cicero spoke of.  They are actually more dangerous than petty robbers because they can destroy a nation from within.  Some of these hold high offices and position in America. And much of the media is a handmaiden doing their biddings..

Part of their mode of operation is to label the Founders and Framers as some sort of Deists.  They often like to focus on Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin because these two fellows did have some deistic tendencies and/or claimed to be deists at times.  The trouble with this is that individuals change through their walks through life and each of these fellows did things that mark them as rational Theists, and not deists. Ben Franklin wanted prayer in congress.  Take a look at this link..

or this link...

The point is this: Deists don't pray to God because the God of deism is a non-personal big sissy that creates rational being and provides no relief for their suffering.  Who would pray to such a cowardly God anyways? Now I know that some might disagree with what I am saying and suggest that the links provided are wrong but they won't prevail.  Likewise Jefferson, although not a real Christian, was certainly not an atheist (some actually claim this!!) or deist.  He too did things that mark him as a theist..


Actually Thomas Jefferson was actually a sort of Unitarian and a Rational Theist.  He was a complex figure but under many definitions he would be a theist and not a deist.  This organization was fairly common in the colonies and not the same as the modern Unitarian-Universalists churches. If you use a broad definition of "deist"then a few Founders could be classified as such, but if you use a modern definition none of them were.

Most of the Founders and Framers were much closer to being Orthodox Christians as was the general public.  Two signers of the Declaration of Independence were clergy men: John Witherspoon and Lyman.  Here is a link to their religious affiliations..

One lesser known founder was Elias Boudinot, and he was a founder of the American Bible society...


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Can i have some scriptures to bac k up your statements pleaseMr zomok. refering to statement below


@ BatYa....I noticed a Tennessee state flag in the background beside the US flag....the guy in the overalls reminds me of some of my relatives back home in Tennessee....the state I was born video...

Well, I am not saying your stupid, But being on the road all across the Nation does give me more insight,,,, people in Florida have different problems and different things to say than people in say Ohio where the times are tough and they know who to blame.

@ akavichy....times are tough in Florida as got hit as hard as anyone when the housing market Florida was one of the main states in the building of new homes before it all went south....just because you travel more don't give you more in Florida I don't have to travel....I just let them come here from all over the country....these people in the second photo had to move from the house at top , to the luxury accommodations they now live in...

Wow, is that real canvas?

I am a Constitutionalist...I am for what the founders were for in government.  If that makes me an extremist than I will gladly fight King George of England again with my fellow extremists..  The government that does least, does best.!!!  As a Christian I am suppose to support what is reasonable and responsible.  This does not mean I agree with the Republican on each issue, nor does it mean that I automatically reject everything that is stated by a dem.  I look at facts and use critical reasoning.  Praise the Lord.
  We certainly don't want more government, which is more waste and debt.

@ Zomok....agreed...less the government does the better....protect the nation from foreign foes....provide basic infastucture....the federal government should also be forced to balance the budget each year just like the states do....stop spending money they don't have...

Refer to post below. Jefferson was a diest. By zamoks own definition. Jefferson wrote his own Bible and left out all of the Miricles of Christ. As i stated before the two are not in agreement. Jesus was not of a political nature. To try to combine them is not Biblical.  

Funny how the 99 % seem to be holding it together with no big money behind them......


@Alan..right on.


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