Sometimes the discussions get a little out of hand here with people accusing others of some very low behavior and we are seeing some name calling.  Since no person on this site is perfect this is going to happen and I have to admit that I too have been a little harsh and have participated in the "posting brawls".  Perhaps it is time for all to sit back for a few minutes and examine some wisdom from the WORD..

Look at Proverbs 12:18:

                         Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.

This single verse contains much wisdom.  The first clause is certainly true as saying harsh things and speaking mean can truly hurt someone and cause anxiety.  Why cut someone down with harsh words? it can only come from a perceived (or real) insult or slight and is meant to be a strike back, especially if it is toward someone in the same room or close by.  It can be justified if one is speaking of some politicians with policies that will hurt a nation.  Jesus spoke harsh words to certain pharisees, but on the other hand if it is toward a fellow believer, it is probably due to both fear and a misunderstanding..  It is better to speak good things and be civil for that brings healing.  We should edify one another.  We can disagree without condemning each other.

Of the seven things God hates, of Proverbs 6:16-19, is anyone who, "sows discord among brethren."..  It is good to reflect on these things.


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@ Zomok....I agree.....I too have sometimes like you said have participated in the posting brawls....I have been trying to be more careful of late about what I say....but I will never refer to another as Satan nor will I question their salvation....I do not believe this site is the place for personal vendettas or is behavior becoming a follower of Christ. I am sorry for any percieved harm one may think I have caused by my disagreeing with them.      Barukh atah Adonai Eloheinu melekh ha'olam, ha'gomeyl lahayavim tovot, sheg'malani kol tov.

Dina he started it and it was never fun nor funny to me sorry your so blind praying for all of you religious ones walking around dragging your pampers! You must be or in your flesh. Because those photos were offensive and came from stinking thinking! Enough is enough! 

Not public stoning you were discussing the bull that happened though and it pertains to me too. I just want whoever is agreeing with that crud to leave me alone and remove me as friends simple! Wow! I have a problem with anyone who'd do that to someone new on here! Not a good witness! I am not publically stoning I want them to defriend me and leave me alone! I did report him all of it and them and whoever else was involved! Not peeing no not a soap box seeing as you agree with them in their mockage remove me now!

I did try to have them removed and have turned them in! So now I say shush on this people!~ If you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all I did say some angry words I did repent of them! Oy

by sending those photos and being very rude was it I didn't do that! I was not able to handle it after my cat was killed you remove me we all can act imature at times and drag em around! duh

@ see the kind of person she is...she gets on a roll and won't let up...what I did was say that her discussion blog she made about the Chinese gathering on the USA/ Mexican border and fixing to invade America was a bunch of baloney....and I posted a picture of a baloneyman....well she didn't like that because I didn't believe her, then when I posted on a reply to akavich Avimelech..a picture of President Bush and Obama eating a kitten calling it cat cabob (picture below)..she didn't like that either and thought she had a right to tell me what pictures I could post on a reply that had nothing to do with you can see what she is saying to you....some people think they are the best thing since sliced bread and with some people their cuckoo clocks aren't wound too she is saying you are walking around dragging your pampers....see she thinks it is allright for her to insult others but they are wrong to say something nice to her like her post is full of baloney....that is the harhest thing I said to her yet she has called me a sick carcuss, a liar and several other derogatory things....these are the pictures that she doesn't like, but like I said...they were not posted to her anyway...since then she has been throwing a temper tantrum claiming I am cyberbullying her and posting vile pictures.....that's just a bunch of baloney

good you need to repent bigtime as we all do now leave me alone.

I have not been here long and have noticed a few postings by a Duane that seem harsh but I don't know the whole issue so I can not evaluate anything so far...
Great posting Rabbi....

beautiful song from near where I grew up as a Tennessee hillbilly....hope it will calm the savage beast

Lovely.  I don't think I could listen to it for several hours but a couple of tunes with violin and the Tennessee flat top box is fine.

@ Zomok.....really, not for hours? I could listen to this and more bluegrass like it all day long....I guess you may need to have roots from the country or the hills to really git inta this here kinda music.....we call the violin a fiddle in bluegrass though   :-)   God bless you Zomok

you know the difference between a violin and a fiddle?....The difference between a violin and a fiddle is: You pay money to learn how to play a violin, while a fiddle you just play it.....A violin sings and a fiddle dances..... a violin you carry in a case and fiddle you carry in a flower sack.....You sit to play the violin and it has strings....You stand to play a fiddle and it has "strangs" ....To play the violin you dress like for church and everybody is sober....To play the fiddle nobody cares about your clothes, even if they are sober....A violin is played in a auditorium of refined constipated looking people. A fiddle is played at a high step'n, wide grin'n, elbow wave'n hoo-down....A violinist will hit a grand movement and the audience will have awed whispers. A fiddler while hitting a hot lick will trip over three lazy dogs, fall off the porch and keep play'n....A violinist will guard first chair and not share. A fiddler will say to a fellow fiddler "take it Charlie!"....A violinist will perform only in the most elegant of attire. A fiddler, has a rope for a belt; if it comes loose while play'n and his pants fall down--he keeps on play'n and grin'n....A violin is purchased from only the most reputable dealers for no less then $10,000.oo. A fiddle was picked up at a yard sale.


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