We are well aware that the LORD has ordered Moses to build the Tabernackle for Him to live Himself amidst His own people. Moses build the same as designed and directed by the LORD and kept the Ark of Covanent (Ark of Testimony)in the Most Holy place of the Tabernackle and the same was shifted to the Temple built by the King Solomon in Jerusalem.  The temple of Jesusalem was totally destroyed   by King Nebuchadnezzar and all valubles of the temple were taken to Babylon. After that the temple was set on fire .  But there is no evidence that the Ark of Covenent was taken away by King Nebuchadnezzar or the same was burnt in the fire.  Now the question is "Where is that Ark of Covanent? please discuss.

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Still not resolved.

The Adam Pedigree Chart

This chart goes from Adam down to European Royalty.
The chart is very large, so only part will be visible until you scroll down. 
Descendants go down vertically.  Sideways lines are lines through other children.
Royals near the bottom have links to family info, though full royal names may not be shown.

                   Adam & Eve                          ~4000 BC
                                     Seth        Gen 5:3     Adam + 130   b 3870 BC
                                   Enos          Gen 5:6     Adam + 235   b 3765 BC
                                 Cainan          Gen 5:9     Adam + 325   b 3675 BC
                               Mahalaleel        Gen 5:12    Adam + 395   b 3605 BC    P
                             Jared               Gen 5:15    Adam + 460   b 3540 BC    A
                           Enoch                 Gen 5:18    Adam + 622   b 3378 BC    T
                         Methuselah              Gen 5:21    Adam + 687   b 3313 BC    R
                       Lamech                    Gen 5:25    Adam + 874   b 3126 BC    I
                     Noah                        Gen 5:28    Adam + 1056  b 2944 BC    A
                   Shem                          Gen 5:32    Adam + 1556  b 2444 BC    R
                 Arphaxad  Gen7:6-7, 11:10, 1Pet3:20         Adam + 1656  b 2344 BC    C
               Salah   (Shalikh) King of Babylon               Gen 11:12  b 2306 BC    H
             Eber    (Heber) Ibn Salah King of Babylon         Gen 11:14  b 2276 BC    S
           Peleg   (Falikh) King of Babylon                    Gen 11:16  b 2242 BC
         Reu     (Ra'u) King of Lagash                         Gen 11:18  b 2212 BC
       Serug   (Saragh) King of Ur & Agade                     Gen 11:20  b 2180 BC
     Nahor   (Nahur) King of Ur & Agade                        Gen 11:22  b 2150 BC
   Terah   (Tarih) King of Agade                               Gen 11:24  b 2121 BC
 Abraham Ben Terah & Sarah,----& Hagar                         Gen 11:26  b 2051 BC
  |                                 |-----------------------------------------Ishmael Ben Abraham  Gen 16:16 b 1965 BC
Isaac Ben Abraham & Rebekah                            Gen 21:5   b 1951 BC         - of Ishmael sprang also 12
Jacob (Israel, Kronos, Saturn) King of Goshen & Leah   Gen 25:26  b 1891 BC     tribes, and all of the Arabic nations
  | \======================================================\                          



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