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Comment by Evangelist Sajad Shahzad on July 8, 2013 at 9:47am

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Comment by The other Steve on May 29, 2013 at 1:34am

Oh yea, I forgot to mention the 01:00 to 05:00 thing ,, That might really screw you up if you don't start your restart at the right time. Currently we stop at LaSalle, Il and have to layover through those hours and I get a restart because the wife delivers the load there (At Conway) BUT my restart only includes 1 period of time between 01:00 and 05:00 and I guess we have to have two after July 1st ,,,,, Oh well, I guess we will just have to figure something out! 

Comment by The other Steve on May 29, 2013 at 1:27am

Yea, I'll look into your blog Stanley. I was wondering how the new rules would affect solo's ,, I don't think the new rules will affect the wife and I much (Being a team). As far as I know from GTI's Safety Dept. we will be able to restart once any time and then only 7 days after the end of that restart,, We will have to stop the truck 1/2 hour sometime during 8 hours and go off duty for that, And  we can be in the jump seat for two hours either before 8 in the sleeper or after ,, According to GTI that's it.

Seems like for a solo or local kind of driver those changes might be a big deal because you will probably only restart every other week (Remember that although you don't restart you will gain hours from day 8 on your book, just like it used to be before the restart stuff).

Anyways, I'm not expecting this to be a big deal for us, We will actually be laughing at the company because we like the idea of stopping for a lunch break for a half hour every shift,, We generally never stop for anything!!!

Comment by Stanley D. Bloomfield on May 28, 2013 at 7:34pm

Hey AKA, today at work the company began to implement the new DOT Regulations that begin 1 July 2013! I put up my Facebook Page, Blog and Group for a Truck Driver's Organization to try to do something??? I've been driving for 2 companies and the New regs cut 12 hours a week off the hours a driver can work! They also say the Driver has to log in a 30 minute lunch each day, taking 3.5 hours off the hour one can drive each week (I think???)! You ought to see the new 34 hour recap! WOW. I talked to the Union today and they confirmed our 3rd shift won't be able to work a full 6 day (8 hours a day) work week!

This is the Blog

Comment by The other Steve on March 19, 2013 at 10:41pm

Oh I totaly get it Stanley! We work OTR for GTI so we might have different issues with things. We did work a few years Salary (By the week) for Marten Transport, but that went really good for us ,, Dedicated loads that went from our house, to Moses lake,Wa to Stockton, Ca ,, Lathrop, Ca and back home (2000 a week) ,, We got paid no matter what and just laughed if they were late loading us or we had a breakdown or something (It all paid the same!). The thing with GTI and the pay by the mile thing is that our pay is good as long as we are rolling, but GTI doesn't like paying for anything else,, They will if we meet all the stuff and jump through all the hoops (And bitch real loud!) but they try not to pay anything extra for anything.

The wife had to do the Sleep Apnea thing and now has the machine in the truck. They check to make sure she uses it at least 4 hours a night and can tell where the truck is with that thing ,, talk about big brother!

Yea, we do need to get together in this industry and start standing up for our rights ,, I'm with Ya Man! Make a web site and I will sign up! As a matter of fact we could print up little cards and leave them in truck stops with the web address on them ,, I'm just no good at that stuff ,, I have tried!

Comment by Stanley D. Bloomfield on March 18, 2013 at 6:03pm

Akavich The company I used to drive for took us off Time and a half and put us on Daily! General Motors went to full production and we were working for nothing! Oh ya, all these issue are unreal! But since the CSA laws drivers at work are only getting 90 day DOT Physical Cards! I can understand High Blood Pressure and Sugar, but guys that have a neck that is 1/2 inch to big being told they are obese. My beef about the 80 hr / 7 day rule and the DOT Physical is they seem to be trying to make drivers have to be as Physically fit as Military or Emergency Responders and to me that will knock out thousands of drivers that are qualified to drive trucks but not the same way they could as a 25 year old. Ok, I just fell off my soap box.

Comment by BatYa on March 18, 2013 at 5:18am

I also need to add to this that Hoffa with the AFLCIO or Teamsters has a pretty big lobby and has been so far successful at fighting the Mexican driver issue, You can join that Lobby power who is already fighting for your cause by contacting them. Google this and see the results..........

Comment by BatYa on March 17, 2013 at 6:57pm

We were in trouble long before this.... We were taught by our companies how to cheat and say make our log books look great or get fired. all the while falling for the anti-Government get out of my wallet nonsence was being preached in that the more we make, uncle sam just takes it from us. We are really cheating ourselves out of wages we earn while the companies laugh all the way to the bank for the free labor we give them all in the name of free enterprise.The new E-logs are not so bad except they can now edit them instead of us. Once the DOT figures out the tricks that are being pulled if they really care the companies will be held accountable for their greed, instead of us drivers who have been drinking the Kool-aid we are forced to comply with or you don't fit in. 

sleep apnea is an issue that should be looked into too. when you are diabetic do they track every pill you take for 90 days? How about high blood pressure? Sleep apnea is AN ISSUE .It is an invasion of privacy on that level. As for the condition it is good to get diagnosed for it but then again some make it hard for others by not using the prescribed equipment.If you want to be an outlaw so be it. It is a mentality taught by the companies to drivers for years, and drivers fall for it and end up doing exactly what the companies want them to do. Wake up Truck Drivers and insist that the wages you are paid are for the work we actually do....Ya a lobby huh? I'm for that just not sure if we would be on the same page or not.

Obesity, well if they fire all us fat truck drivers seems to me that is a medical condition that Labor and Industries needs to step in for retraining unless of course they come up with a way to block it. Also seems like a discrimination issue too. Unless of course you are against those groups like the ACLU,  who argue for those rights.... Even Rush Limbaugh used them when he got caught with the prescription drugs his maid bought for him, then calls them communist................You never know about people do you?

Comment by The other Steve on March 17, 2013 at 6:13pm

I don't know about all that boss,, We ran harder with paper logs (Because we could) and now are quite content  running 6000mi a week on E-Logs ,, Not my big issue! But I do think a lobby for truckers would be good.

Our issue is overtime, We work 24/7 and you know we don't see a dime extra for time over 40hrs Like every other employee in this Country,, I think we get screwed!

My Father worked for a 10 cent split running sleeper team from LA to Chicago in 1960 ,, do you have a clue what that kind of money bought in 1960? BIG MONEY DUDE ! He made 5 times what the Wife and I do together in terms of buying power... Woo Hoo!

Comment by Stanley D. Bloomfield on March 17, 2013 at 5:26pm

I know they didn't do away with the 8 day rule, but the 34 hr recap neutered the 8 day rule and allows the Companies to run the driver to death!


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