Christ offered an alternative to the "world" that men created for themselves. The Kingdom
of God is a system, a way
where men may live as free souls under God, where they may sustain themselves
as a free society strengthening the poor, freeing the captive and healing those
who are bruised.

There are numerous forms of self government that are a part of edifying the Kingdom of God which we are sent
to preach. There are mysteries
that have been forgotten or are poorly understood which will aid and guide us
in the establishment of a free church, establishing congregations of free
people, or forming a religious brotherhood of faith and love according to the
orderly arrangement laid down by Christ and the prophets for the daily
ministration. Forms are documents that mark and give evidence of the presence
of Church and congregation. They aid in the performance of our duties one to
another and they create a chain of authentication that the world can see to
protect the people from abuse and usurpation. Ultimately it is the Holy Spirit,
often manifested through the hearts and hands of every man, that is our

These forms are like road maps that assist in establishing a record of the essential aspects and precepts, They assist in the networking of the kingdom and establish a clear bar to stop the intrusion of the world into
matters of the Kingdom
of God and the Church.
They form the markers and boundaries and walls of our city and holy nation,
God’s temple of living stone, in a way where the world can clearly see the
evidence of spiritual truths.

Liturgy is defined as “a prescribed form or set of forms for public religious worship.”1 It is from the Greek word leitourgi and leitourgos, meaning
public service and public servant respectively. Liturgy was not about singing
and vestments and the smoke and mirrors of modern Christendom. Liturgy is about
the public servants of the Kingdom
of God operating under
the perfect law of liberty in true worship of God by service to the
people. Liturgy is the common procedures of the public servants of God’s
kingdom in congregations composed of, by and for the people.

The free systems of tens, hundreds and thousands bound together only by brotherhood and love, have been the predominant form of successful voluntary government throughout man’s history. Similar cell patterns were
evident in the early Church and throughout Europe
during the first Millennium.

Not forsaking the gathering together.

One of the chief factors of liberty under God is coming together in voluntary systems of faith, hope and charity.

Before we were told to "come out of her my people lest ye be partakers of her sins" we were told to seek the kingdom
of God and His
Righteousness. We were told to love our neighbor as our selves. In order to
love our neighbor we must find them. We must take steps to come together; we
must strive and reach out.

The Living Network is just the place to begin seeking that Kingdom and God's righteousness by reaching out to one another in faith, hope, and charity.

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